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Pirate Queen 'Verse - Cast of Characters
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Atlantis - An island kingdom in the middle of a vast ocean, Atlantis has many trading partners and allies in distant lands. While they have few enemies, their foes are powerful.

Her Majesty, Elizabeth Weir - Queen of Atlantis, and captain of the Daedalus. Elizabeth spent many years learning how to be a diplomatic, fair ruler, but when all else fails (and the yearning for adventure grows too strong), she takes to the high seas. When on the Daedalus, she refuses to allow herself to be referred to as ruler of Atlantis, and acts only as captain of her vessel.

Lady Teyla Emmagan - First mate of the Atlantis and Queen Elizabeth's most trusted advisor. She escaped from Wraith territory with her people, the Athosians, and made her way to Atlantis. She and her people quickly proved valuable allies, despite initial opposition from the head of Elizabeth's personal guard, Captain Bates. When the Athosians chose to depart and re-establish Athos on the mainland, she stayed behind, having developed a close friendship with Queen Elizabeth. The rumors that it is more than a friendship are ignored by both women. Her ancestral connection to the Wraith is both a boon and a weakness for the Lanteans.

Admiral John Sheppard - Head of Queen Elizabeth's navy. A very independent thinker, he sometimes chafes at the restrictions of his role. However, his devotion to Queen Elizabeth, the island's citizens, and to Atlantis itself has never been in doubt. Admiral Sheppard's family left Atlantis many generations ago, exiled to the land of Antarctica. He took the risk of returning when Queen Elizabeth took the throne, and offered to serve in the Navy to earn a pardon for his family. Shortly after the death of Admiral Sumner, he was promoted to the position he currently holds--a position which many of the Navy believe he is unfit for due to the sins of his ancestors.

Rodney McKay - Admiral Sheppard's adopted brother. The two met when Rodney was exiled to Antarctica due to his brusque attitude and willingness to insult all others without regard for protocol. He arrived in Atlantis with Admiral Sheppard, and promptly took over the small community of alchemists residing on the island, focusing them in the defense of the city. His abrasive attitude and egotistical tendencies alienated many; however, his services to the kingdom and loyalty to his adopted family have allowed him entry into Queen Elizabeth's inner circle.

Ronon Dex - Wanted by the ruling body of the Wraith for unspecified crimes, he was taken in by the Lanteans after a slight "misunderstanding" with Admiral Sheppard and Rodney McKay. (All right, so he'd tried to steal their ship, but Admiral Sheppard insists he meant well.) He has since proven himself a valuable fighter and is loyal to Atlantis. He has continually refused a naval commission, to the chagrin of Admiral Sheppard and Queen Elizabeth.

Dr. Carson Beckett - Queen Elizabeth's personal physician also dabbles in alchemy. His professional demeanor and quiet compassion make his medical advice valued by many. Few know of his ongoing alchemical experiments aimed at weakening the Wraith's mystical grip upon the Wasteland.

Radek Zelenka - Radek and Rodney McKay don't admit to their friendship, and instead bicker about alchemical technique on a nigh-endless basis. Radek is Rodney's alchemical equal, however, his position in Atlantis is secondary to Rodney's. However, Queen Elizabeth looks upon him as a balancing force and devil's advocate for Rodney, and their opposing viewpoints result in a stronger final theory for a solution.

Lieutenant Laura Cadman - Lieutenant Cadman enjoys setting gunpowder charges a little too much. Her vivacious personality and sharp sense of humor have endeared her to her husband, Dr. Beckett, who worries every time the Daedalus sets sail, though he has full confidence in her abilities with a saber and a pistol. Lieutenant Cadman's longstanding battle of wits with Dr. McKay amuses anyone in earshot of the latest bout.

Dr. Kate Heightmeyer - Dr. Heightmeyer is a healer of the mind. Her rare gift of empathy helps her to understand the citizens of Atlantis, and her peaceful demeanor causes others to trust her. She is the private confidant of the residents of the island, both the lowborn and those of higher station. Her self-assurance allows her to stand apart, and yet not feel alone. She and Ronon Dex have grown particularly close of late.

Lieutenant Kavanaugh - Formerly an alchemist, Lieutenant Kavanaugh took a commission in the Navy upon arguing with Rodney McKay and Radek Zelenka one too many times. His familial connections have won him a berth on the Daedalus.

Other Lands & Peoples

The Ancients - The founders of Atlantis who vanished mysteriously many centuries ago. Some say they found the Philosopher's Stone. No one knows what happened, though occasional sightings of the Fair Folk have been reported over the years. It is unknown whether they are truly the helpful protectors the history books paint them as.

The Wastelands - A blighted, diseased territory on the mainland. The rays of the sun do not shine brightly, and it is a struggle for farmers to grow healthy crops. No human can live there without being weakened, and the only ones who thrive are the Wraith. Some claim that the Wraith are the spirits of those wronged by the Ancients. Others claim that the Wraith are a vampiric people who warred with the Ancestors centuries ago, and who can never truly die. Regardless, those that live in this territory find it difficult to escape.

Sateda - A ghost kingdom, Sateda was razed by the Wraith eight years ago. Ronon Dex, then an officer in Sateda's army, was the only citizen of that kingdom to survive. He spent seven years in the Wastelands with a Wraith bounty on his head before making his way to Atlantis.

Athos - The land of Athos was destroyed when the Wraith expanded the Wasteland. Lady Teyla Emmagan brought those of her people that survived to Atlantis, where they become not simply refugees, but a proud settlement of allies and trading partners.

Genii - The country of the Genii was adjacent to Athos, and existed in an unsettled, watchful state after Athos' destruction. Shortly thereafter, Admiral Sheppard, Rodney McKay, and Lady Teyla made enemies by refusing to give up the secrets of Atlantis and the Ancients to the alchemists of the Genii. The Genii have made one attempt to conquer Atlantis, and, after several hostile incidents, Queen Elizabeth stepped in and personally negotiated an uneasy truce with the new government. It remains to be seen if the truce will hold.

Hoff - Dr. Beckett feels that Hoff is his greatest failure. He failed to halt the Wraith-created plague ravaging that kingdom until half its citizens were dead, including his fiancee, Perna. The fact that the remaining citizens of Hoff are grateful for the cure he devised does nothing to mitigate his guilt.

This is just fabulous wish-fulfillment to me. You rock like a house on giant fiery rockers.

Thank you very much! I'm so glad you liked it. There should be more forthcoming when my next fic challenge comes due. :)


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